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statue of liberty

Our Mission and Vision

For over a century, the Statue of Liberty has been a powerful symbol of freedom and new opportunities. Unveiled in New York harbor in October 1886, she has greeted newcomers and returning travelers. Her grace and inspires us to take a chance and to welcome change.

Our publishing company is not affiliated with any other company, association, university, or organization. We offer books with good content and editorial selection. Our books have great cover designs and interior text designs. Our marketing campaigns are done without the help of outside agencies. ourselves. To 
date, all of our authors are/were from New York State. Our books can be ordered through major bookstores, but those bookstores order from us - they do not keep our books in reserve. Chances are good that you will never see our titles on the shelves of Barnes & Noble as they frown on small publishers like us. As of 12/2021, we have 66 books in print with many more to come.

Like the Statue of Liberty, this publication is a new beginning, opening new possibilities and directions - Our Mission is to provide readers with a multitude of New York State history 
articles and provide New York history writers with an online publishing venue. We are dedicated to exploring all aspects of New York State’s rich and diverse history.


Welcome to the New York History Review Press and online magazine.

- Diane Janowski, Publisher












Photo by Mat Brown from Pexels

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