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eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsThe Modernized International Jewish Cook Book

by Florence Kreisler Greenbaum, 1919 - modernized for 21st century kitchens in 2016
$24.95 softcover 400 pages

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsDiary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier

by L. Leon, 1913
$18.95 softcover 146 pages

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsGerman Cookery for the American Home

by Ella Oswald, 1910
$18.95 softcover 264 pages

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsEdward's Invitations

by Diane Janowski
$29.95 softcover 120 pages (in color)

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsA Brief History of Chemung County, 1779-1905

by Ausburn Towner
$12.95 softcover 120 pages

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsThe Elmira Prison Camp

by Clay Holmes, new appendix by Diane Janowski
Softcover or Hard cover editions
500 pages

eugene zimmerman, zim, horseheadsZim's Foolish History of Elmira

by Eugene Zimmerman
$19.95 Softcover 156 pages

albert janowskiTo War and Back - Carl Albert Janowski's Army Diary 1918-1919

by Diane Janowski
$16.95 Softcover 72 pages

tom sawyer, mark twainThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
$21.95 Softcover 228 pages

phebe whiteNew York and Erie Railroad Guide in 1851 by William MacLeod
$24.95 Softcover 180 pages

elmira sheet musicForgotten Songs of Elmira, New York 1854-1910
$18.95 Spiral bound 60 pages

park station, erin, nyUpstate Forest Stream CD- a natural meditation
Environmental recording by Diane Janowski

phebe whiteOntario Breeze by Phebe White
$12.95 Softcover 80 pages

Plank Road Explorer by Henry Marvin
Softcover 80 pages $12.95

Victorian Pride - Favorite Songs of New York State CD

music CD or digital MP3s
played by the George Bailey Orchestra

Storefronts - Elmira, New York
$12.95 Softcover 52 pages

Queen City Adventure by Emma Latier
$12.95 Softcover 96 pages
$4.99 Ebook edition

Home In These Hills - A Young Woman's Diary by Viola Coolbaugh
$12.95 Softcover 84 pages

confederate soldiersIN THEIR HONOR: Soldiers of the Confederacy, The Elmira Prison Camp
$21.95 Softcover, and ebook editions
$39.95 Collector's Edition Hardcover
$9.99 Ebook edition

victorian christmasVictorian Pride - Forgotten Christmas Songs 1853-1885
$24.95 Softcover 80 pages's BIG BOOK of Pictureselmira pictures
$19.95 Softcover 160 pages

skaneateles, new yorkMY CENTENNIAL DIARY - A Year in the Life of a Country Boy by Earll K. Gurnee
$12.95 Softcover 88 pages
$4.99 Ebook edition

ida burnettMY STORY - A Year in the Life of a Country Girl by Ida Burnett
$12.95 Softcover 80 pages
$6.99 Ebook edition

lucy potterA DARNED GOOD TIME by Miss Lucy Potter
$14.95 Softcover 140 pages $14.95

new york historyOur Own Book - A Victorian Guide to Life
$29.95 Paperback 332 pages

victorian weddingsVictorian Pride - Victorian Wedding Songs
$24.95 Paperback 164 pages

new york historyNew York History Review Annual Issues #1 - 6

central new yorkVictorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Central New York
$18.95 Spiral bound 120 pages

pennsylvaniaVictorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Pennsylvania
$18.95 Spiral bound 108 pages

upstate new yorkVictorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Upstate New York
$18.95 Spiral bound 116 pages

new york musicVictorian Pride - Forgotten Songs of Central New York music CD
$18.95 Music CD played by the George Bailey Orchestra

janowski gardensJanowski Gardens Cookbook by Diane Janowski
$18.95 Softcover 112 pages

carl albert janowskiCarl Albert Janowski Goes to War and Back by Diane Janowski
Second edition coming soon!

chemung county fairThe Great Inter-State Fair Elmira, NY 1890
$18.95 Softcover 116 pages

niemodlin falkenbergFalkenberg Today, Niemodlin, Poland
Hardcover book

sun shoneCOMING SOON - The Sun Shone by Maggie Wolcott
$12.95 Softcover 76 pages $12.95

COMING SOON - New Century German Cookbook

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