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My Story - A Year in the Life of a Country Girl

by Ida Burnett, age 15
Logan, New York 1880

Ida was alright for a girl........

March, Sunday 28. 1880.
Today is Easter Sunday – I ate 8 eggs for breakfast – then did not any of us go to meeting this morning nor at nite. Henry, Carrie and myself went to Tim’s and stayed all day.

April, Wednesday 7. 1880.
Pa found a little calf all buried up in shit behind the bull - it belonged to the heffer. I lost on a bet with Henry about getting on Wallace’s boot.

April, Wednesday 28. 1880.
We have done moste every thing to day. Made soap and baked bread and Katie was here all day. Mrs. Mekeel fell down and liked to busted her arse. I wanted to laff.

May, Saturday 8. 1880.
They want me to stay three years with them. He says that he will give me a cow and she says she will make a wedding when I get married up if I marry to suit them, but donte think I will stay. There was to [two] men here to supper.

ida burnett logan, ny

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